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A space ant is calmly floating in outer space. Touch it and you will see her get angry. Try to catch the angry ant with a tap chill her down.

Tap on any card to select it. The selected card slides in front and center. Navigate left or right to see cards loop over.

Add randomly-sized boxes to the horizontal stack. See the new items placed on the next line when space is unavailable. Click on a box to remove it from the view.

Use the buttons to control the counter. Start the clock, pause it and resume at will. Make it go down to zero and watch as it loops over.

Tag your favorite dishes with a heart. Pin a dish to the top of the screen. Replace the pinned dish at any time or simply un-pin it.

Switch toggles on or off and see the selection update. Completely remove toggles from the list. Pick any previous toggle to add back as a fresh instance.

Tap on the textbox and activate the software keyboard. The field will be pushed up so you can see what you’re typing. Hit enter to dismiss and everything gets back to normal.

Alter some of the form’s values to see the JSON representation update in real time. Now edit some values directly on the JSON and see the UI controls reflect these changes immediately. NOTE: Be sure not to change the content’s structure and only modify values, not keys.

Scroll down from the top to see the title bar slide up. A new bar at the bottom should fade in. Scroll all the way back up to see the title move back to the top.

Tap Launch to send the rocket to the moon. Once it reaches its destination a congratulatory message appears. Tap Reset to go back to the initial state.

Pick an available username. Type a valid password and matching confirmation. NOTE: This is not a real sign up form! Tap Sign up to display your new fake credentials.